How To Earn Money Online by Leaving Your Opinion on Products?

Everyone has their own opinions and opinions on the products or items they are entitled to; no matter how strange or different they are. There are now sites on the Internet where people can comment on specific products. Also there are product review sites that provide unbiased reviews of products like

These sites contain extensive product databases; household items such as shampoos and french fries; other appliances such as CD and DVD players. The site has a separate page for each of these thousands of products, and you can get paid by writing a review for one of these products / services.

Generally, you can earn around £ 4 or £ 5 per written review on a paid website, and if your reviews are of good quality, the amount will increase significantly; in this case, some bonuses are awarded at the end of the month This usually means an extra £ 10 is required for the review. However, it is difficult to collect money from bonuses. Your opinion must be very high. Usually about fifteen people each month will receive some money from the bonus, so this is certainly possible.

Members of paid review sites usually earn a few cents each time they click on a review and rate it. However, millions of members on these paid sites need review, so if you can attract a lot of people to read and rate your reviews, you can make more money than usual. Having a lot of people read and evaluate your opinions is the best way to make money on evaluating a website, so it’s worth having a lot of friends on that website.

The process of joining a free paid review site is straightforward, and within minutes you can also make money online by writing product reviews. The hardest part of doing the above is finding a website that pays you to write a product review; currently they are very rare. I am an active member of two free review sites, and these two sites are free to join and use. The best thing about joining two review sites is that any review I write on one site can be copied and pasted onto a second review site, doubling my earnings.

Once you find a free payment site to review and submit a registration form, simply log in to the site and decide what products to review. If you have access to a digital camera, you can write a review or send a video review. After finding the product on the website and submitting a review, you should try to get people to read and rate the review. The easiest way is to go to the “Member Center” section of the website and read / review / review other users’ product reviews. Often, they are forced to give back favors and also read and write your reviews. This is the best way to make friends on paid review sites, and this is how you can make money with reviews.

The paid review site I currently use has a member point system. You can earn community points by submitting new product reviews and rating or reviewing other users’ product reviews. There is a color scheme that works with the color system, and the number of community points earned matches the color of the member. White is the color for beginners, indicating that the member is new or does n’t have much to write a review. Gold is the highest color in the community point classification system. If members have a drop of gold next to their username, it means that they are high-value product appraisers. Build and talent.

Powerful color classification means not only that you have instant respect, but also that you will definitely get more friends or read reviews, which will save you more money.

The revenue generated by writing product reviews on the website is recorded and saved on your online account page, so any member can immediately track all their earnings directly on the website. After earning a certain amount (usually at least £ 15), you can request a refund. This is done from a member account page on the website, and usually you can get bonuses in Amazon Store Gift Certificates online (you can sell them for nearly 100% of online value). (Such as Ebay) or BACS can deposit the money directly into your bank account. I usually pay by bank transfer because I think this is the easiest and easiest way to collect money online. The site is very secure and I have never received my review income.

For those who want to make more money online, develop or showcase their product review / writing skills, they must make money online from free and paid sites, or-even for those interested in meeting new and interesting friends. .

How To Write An Honest And Effective Product Review?

Whenever we want to buy a product as a supplement or some kind of cosmetic cream, we usually look at product reviews. People often use these product reviews to determine if they are buying a particular product. However, many product reviews may be vague, or simply say the product is good, and never explain anything behind the product. You can’t always trust these reviews, but many people post them on sites like Amazon or eBay that sell many products. The purpose of this article is to teach readers what to include in the appropriate exam to make it legal and reliable so that anyone who sees the exam can safely trust it.

Always start with warnings about product effectiveness.

If there are any potential buyers who should learn to buy products, it is at their own risk. In principle, write this: the product’s results can never be guaranteed, and what is useful to one person is not applicable to everyone. In the comments, nothing compares to the buyer realizing that the product may not be suitable for his humanity or authenticity. Many people will say that the product has brought them good results, but they never consider that everyone is different. You should always humanize the review so that the reader can understand that he is talking about himself, not the wallet. The warning will make your review authentic.

Discuss your situation and talk about what you are doing with the product.

Let’s take the example of a prostate supplement that a buyer might be interested in buying. As a former user of this supplement, it is ideal to discuss your condition, as well as other dietary and style changes, based on your age and any health conditions you have, and how long you took it and when it started to take effect. A review of a lifetime caring for the prostate will help the buyer determine if a prostate product is right for him, as he can understand how long it will take to feel the effect and whether he is willing to make the necessary changes to help him. The product is more effective.

When writing a review, it is important to tell the reader why you are using the product and other steps you have taken to make the product more effective. By doing so, it helps readers determine if it is really a product that works for them, and whether they are prepared to make other dietary and lifestyle changes to make the product effective. Your opinion seems more humane, and readers can connect to it.

Discuss any side effects you may have when taking this product.

Even if you have a more positive view of the product, always discuss side effects or other issues that buyers should consider. Buyers should understand the possible negative effects of the product to assess whether the product is ready to withstand minor to severe side effects to achieve the desired effect. Even if you give it five stars, always put negative reviews in your opinion. No product is perfect, and buyers should be aware of it.

How to Write an Effective Product Review?

Product reviews are highly sought after. For manufacturers who want to advertise, or potential buyers who wait for an answer before trying, product reviews can satisfy the demand, that is, information. One example of very well laid product review guide is Review Fantasy.

So what does it take to write a product review? Common sense, a fair and moral attitude, a balanced mindset and some basic issues. these are:

  • What does the product promise?
  • Do you keep your promise?
  • Is the product worth it? with who?

All of this can be solved in a file format that covers the introduction, the exam institution, and the conclusion.

The brief is essentially an overview of the product and what it brings to the board. Usually, to set the tone of the review, the introduction ends with a sentence that indicates whether the reviewer likes the product.

The control body deepens the features and functions of the product. The evaluator should describe the use of the product. Readers tend to expect good and evil to outweigh evil, so reviewers should know that they should gain benefits before reaching physical disadvantage.

Therefore, the final conclusion is a brutal conclusion, which can confirm the content of the introduction based on the content of the comment body.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a review.

Know your readers

Always know who you will speak to in your comments. It should also be remembered that as a reviewer, although you should publish an article about your taste or aversion to the product, your opinion is for readers’ reference only.

Your target audience

This continues to satisfy your readers. The tone and basic information of the test will vary depending on the recipient.

For example, if you target a technical population, your exam will be more technical in nature, perhaps using jargon and other similar codes. Strive to use the right language and intonation for your audience and match your opinions with the right context and settings when using the right language.

Indicate who might be useful

In your opinion, always suggest to whom this product is useful. This will help your readers evaluate whether the product is suitable for him.

What’s the difference? Why did you choose this?

Increase the uniqueness of the product. In a way, your opinion will recommend or break down the product. Explain the differences between this product and other products on the market. Indicate what the product does and does not work, and if so, please tell if it is useful.

Understand what you are saying / product

Basic aspects of each review company. You really need to know what you are talking about. If you have a personal opinion, be sure to use this product. If the product is not for you, but you still need to provide feedback, seek advice and recommendations from people who have actually used the product.

Learn about the product from the inside out

Make sure to cover all the basics, especially when you submit negative data in the comments. Be prepared to corroborate every statement / view you make with facts and information.

Independent comparison review v / s

In an independent review, you focus only on the product you are reviewing. In a comparative evaluation, you need to focus on the products and compare them with each other.

Prove your opinion

Always make sure your opinions are not limited to good or bad. Please explain your reasons. The exam must be useful, but most importantly, it must be useful.

Avoid unnecessary details

When writing your review, assume that the reader knows the background / field of use of the product. Indicate at most one or two lines at the bottom. No need to explain everything. Suppose the reader knows what he is talking about.


Don’t be too long, don’t stay on the feature list. Enter the most relevant / basic knowledge. If you need or need a complete list, use “easy” visual screens, such as tables or graphics.

Optimize SEO as much as possible

This will help you post your opinion on the search page. A valid recommendation is to use the product name extensively in the review document.

Ensuring that the title of the journal is eye-catching / unusual, especially with the word “journal”, will help it appear better on search pages.

Be professional

Always maintain a respectful attitude and professional approach in the magazine. Although separation is not required, try to minimize the help of anecdotes and personal examples, as people look for more information in their diaries than life stories.

The anecdotal rules of the two cases may differ:

The more expensive a product is, the more data and statistics it provides. Keep your personal reference here. The cheapest of the products strives to provide more personal experience.

In general, writing a product review is not difficult. You can do this if you recommend the product to a friend. Fill in the blanks of relevant product information in accordance with the conclusion format of the introduction text.

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